Summer Girls Mental Edge Camp Incoming 6th-12th Grade

  • Where

    WAVE Volleyball Club, Del Mar (South Gym)

  • When

    July 18-20, 9-11am
    What to wear/bring: Comfortable athletic clothing, non-marking shoes; notebook and pen.

For the elite volleyball player, the physical game is just one component of what makes an athlete successful. To truly elevate your game and ensure a champion mindset, mental training specific to volleyball is critical. Take advantage of the summer season to improve your approach to thinking about game strategy, relationship with teammates, communication, and active problem solving in challenging situations on the court. Led by WAVE’s Executive Indoor Director Brennan Dean, this camp is designed for the mature-minded volleyball player looking to take the next step in their mental development.

Ideal for players in ALL positions, this camp features reading and discussion opportunities as well as implementation of strategies on the court. Players should be prepared with a notebook and pen, and also be prepared and dressed to play.

Our stellar South gym facility location will allow you to train in comfort all summer long! Our sessions are developed and led by WAVE’s Directors and facilitated by experienced educators and coaches!

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