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Strength & Agility FAQs


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Imagine training at a state-of-the art volleyball-specific training space designed, facilitated and supervised by experienced and credentialed WAVE-exclusive Performance Trainers. Now, imagine that space and service conveniently located on the ground floor of your club’s beautiful new South facility! WAVE Volleyball is proud to announce our Agility and Strength training facility now open to all WAVE volleyball athletes and Alums. Our training programs provide athletes the opportunity to improve their performance on the court while decreasing risk of injury. WAVE Agility & Strength provides volleyball-specific Agility and Strength training to all ages. Our workouts are designed for, and separated by age groups: 18U-14U and 14U-10U. All of our workouts will be a combination of Agility & Strength. Please see the gym schedule for times slotted for your age group.

“Improving your Strength and Movement, Means Improving Control over your Game”

Our Pillars

Mindset | Strength | Movement | Recovery

Mindset: Dedicating oneself toward a goal with a full understanding of what it requires to accomplish it.

Strength: Essential to developing power and explosiveness required for our sport.

Movement: Essential to improving performance. Get your body smarter and more efficient.

Recovery: Allowing the mind and body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.

WAVE Agility – Speed, Quickness, Transitional Agility and Coordination Training

Agility and speed are imperative if you wish to be an elite volleyball player. We provide training to develop this facet of the complete volleyball athlete’s profile, via combination of core and low body strength. All of our sessions are instructed and led by our WAVE-exclusive Performance Trainers. Our Agility training will utilize various drills and techniques including ladders and multi-directional tools to help move feet quickly through complex volleyball-like patterns. The training will emphasize fast-twitch movements to develop firing patterns for acceleration, elevating your overall play on the court.

WAVE Strength – Simplicity, Consistency, Power

Foundational strength is a necessity for any elite volleyball athlete. Our Strength program will lay down foundational strength through innovative workouts that seamlessly integrate with your competition patterns. All of our sessions are instructed and led by our WAVE-exclusive Performance Trainers. All athletes will be be put through Functional Movement Screening to ensure proper and safe lifting techniques. After screening, the athletes will be divided into specific Strength programming appropriate to age. Our supervised workouts utilize Olympic-style lifting and training techniques that are very similar to those used by collegiate and professional volleyball programs. Our primary focus is developing explosive power (speed+strength) using movements like deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatch etc. after immense technical barbell practice. Our young athlete Strength program will focus on basic strengthening techniques and injury prevention through body weight workouts, med balls, and bands.

Membership Information

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New! 1-Month Option Available ($150 per month)

Basic Membership: $100/month will gain athletes access to 2 – 50 minute training sessions a week. Athletes’ choice for day/time. *3 month minimum commitment

Unlimited Access Membership: $175/month will gain athletes access to unlimited 50 minute training sessions per week. Athletes’ choice for day/time. *3 month minimum commitment

All sessions are booked by athletes through MindBody upon payment setup completion.

Gym Schedule Here

*Please check the MindBody schedule before your session as classes are subject to canceling due to WAVE Volleyball facility use, gym maintenance, WAVE Volleyball travel schedule, etc. We will send out a cancellation notice to the email that is attached to your MindBody account.

Announcing WAVE Agility & Strength New Friday Open Gym Hours: 18u-14u

Open gym allows athletes to come in for a make up a session, get a workout in, recover and stretch or do whatever your body needs to prepare for the weekend and recover from training. Come in whenever you would like between 3:00-5:30. This is an independent training environment that is monitored by a WAVE-Exclusive Trainer.
Friday Open Gym will be open starting April 21st! Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm

SUMMER WAVE Agility & Strength Schedule (effective July 10):


9:30-10:20 14u-18u

10:30-11:20 10u-14u

11:30-12:20 14u-18u

Friday Open Gym: 18u-14u


Payment Details

Membership is Auto-debited the 1st of Every Month, or you may pay upfront for your package of choice.


Private Training

Private Training is now available for everyone including adults and members outside of WAVE Volleyball! Please contact the Director of WAVE Agility & Strength at Privates are designed around athlete’s individual goals and range from $60-$85/hr. Contact or for scheduling. All payments are due at time of private lesson, no exceptions.

Meet Our Training Staff

Strength & Agility FAQs


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The Big Difference…

Our WAVE Volleyball Agility and Strength trainers will be in the gym actively evaluating and assessing your athlete’s movements. Having WAVE-exclusive private trainers allows for more accurate training programs, a better understanding of the athlete and their sport, and collaboration between coaches and trainer. WAVE’s Agility and Strength trainers are acutely aware of the athlete’s training and competition schedule which allows for the most efficient, productive training.

Join WAVE Agility and Strength to take your game to the next level.

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