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About Us

In order to play at an elite level, you must train like an elite-level athlete. WAVE Agility & Strength provides high-performance training in a beautiful state-of-the art, volleyball-specific space that is designed, facilitated and supervised by experienced and credentialed WAVE-exclusive Strength Coaches. Take your game to the next level with our volleyball performance training by improving your speed, strength, movment, mindset and recovery.

Train Smarter

Strategic training is imperative if you wish to be an elite volleyball player. WAVE AGILITY training will utilize various drills and techniques to improve muscular reaction, activation, efficiency and movement preparation to build fast feet in complex volleyball-like patterns. The training will emphasize fast-twitch movements to develop firing patterns for acceleration, elevating your overall play on the court.

WAVE STRENGTH training emphasizes Power Development, Vertical Explosiveness, Reactive Principles, Mobility / Flexibility, Energy System Development, and Core Stability. Our Strength program will lay down foundational strength through innovative workouts that seamlessly integrate with your competition patterns. All athletes will be  divided into memberships programs specific and appropriate to age and development. Our supervised workouts utilize Olympic-style lifting and training techniques that are used by collegiate and professional volleyball programs. Our primary focus is developing explosive power (speed+strength) using movements like deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatch etc. after immense technical barbell practice. Our young athlete Strength program will focus on basic strengthening techniques and injury prevention.

Complete program release, registration, and membership options coming August 2018!