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In order to play at an elite level, you must train like an elite-level athlete. WAVE Agility & Strength provides high-performance training in a beautiful state-of-the art, volleyball-specific space that is designed, facilitated and supervised by experienced and credentialed WAVE-exclusive Strength Coaches. Take your game to the next level with our volleyball performance training by improving your speed, strength, movment, mindset and recovery.

Train Smarter

Strategic training is imperative if you wish to be an elite volleyball player. Our program emphasizes the following:

Dynamic Warm-Up Each session begins by priming the system and readying the body so it can fire most efficiently.  Starting with basic movement patterns to warm-up and activate the muscles, we then progress into some Central Nervous System preparation to make sure the athlete is firing on all cylinders.

Explosive PowerPower development is one of the most important qualities the volleyball athlete can train. Vertical jumps, quick lateral movement, and a powerful overhead serve or attack all require maximal velocity. We prioritize this training first in our sessions because the athlete needs to be fresh in order to execute at 100% effort. A variety of plyometric jumps, hops, and bounds are utilized for our youth athletes, as well as medicine ball slams, throws, and well-trained Olympic lifts where appropriate for our older athletes.

Strength–  The best injury prevention is a strong athlete! Here at WAVE Agility and Strength, we utilize a movement-based approach to develop a strong foundation, where we focus on movements, not muscles. Every athlete needs to push, pull, hinge, and squat in various planes of motion. Our unique system of progressions allows the athlete to continuously get stronger by advancing each lift through volume, intensity, and choice of equipment.  

Speed/Agility/Quickness Speed= Ability to get from point A to point B in the least amount of time. Proper mechanics are important for speed development and a progression is used to improve acceleration, keeping in mind specific needs for volleyball.  Agility= Ability to react, change direction, decelerate, re-accelerate. Balance and strength are important prerequisites for rapid change of direction, as well as unanticipated reaction time. Quickness= Ability to react to external stimuli in the least amount of time possible. Training reaction time is achieved by a variety of implements such as wave drills, partner mirror drills, or audible cues.

Conditioning Energy system development is vital for every sport and is addressed in a very systematic approach. Proper work:rest ratios are used to develop each energy system and to mimic the demands of a long match, while ensuring our athletes are not over-trained. Consistency is key with energy system development and we focus on this component at the end of our sessions as technique is not as important here and the athlete is already tired, here is where we DIG DEEP!

Injury Prevention/Recovery–  Injury prevention exercises are built into each program with a very specific approach to the movements and demands of volleyball.  A healthy shoulder complex is paramount in the success of volleyball athletes and special attention is made here to ensure full range of motion and no pain.  In addition, ankle, hip, and thoracic spine mobility are all important and exercises are implemented throughout. Recovery is just as important as the workout so we pay special attention to soft tissue quality, volume of practice, competition, travel, and weight room load.  All of these taken into account as well as proper nutrition and hydration is a recipe for success that will have the WAVE Athlete feeling ready to compete and stronger than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions


Programs & SafetySchedulingPaymentMembershipPolicies

To become a member, please register with Groundwork and update your waiver. Once you have completed registration, a password to access Mindbody (via our website or through the app) will be sent to your email. All sessions are booked through MindBody only, no exceptions.

Programming & Safety

Q: How will safety be insured and risk for injury be low?

A: Every session is designed and tailored around the WAVE Volleyball schedule so that we are only contributing to the success of our volleyball teams. Every session will be monitored by our Strength and Agility Coaches and will be modified based on athletes needs.

Q: Can a beginner participate?

A: Yes, we welcome all levels.

Q: How will this program help me in my individual position on the court?

A: Our programs focus on the four pillars needed to be an elite volleyball player. Strength, Movement, Mindset and Recovery. We train both strength and agility specifically around volleyball like patterns so that your off court training elevates your game on court game.

Q: How will you communicate with my players’ coach?

A: Our coaches communicating with our trainers is very important because we want to work together to create the programming for our athletes.

Q: What can a 14 and under player do in a Strength program?

A: Our Strength will be divided into two workouts, one for players 15U and older as well as those who are experienced lifters or have been on programs prior, and a second program for our 14U and younger and beginner level lifters. The 14U group will be performing strength exercises utilizing body weight movements, isometric holds and bands to develop basic strengthening techniques and an overall foundation for strength training.

Q: What is Agility training and what type of exercises will be performed in these sessions?

A: Speed, Quickness,Transitional Agility and coordination training is imperative if you wish to be an elite volleyball player. Agility, speed and quickness rely on a combination of core and low body strength which can be acquired through training. Your measure of agility, speed, and quickness will mirror your instant and rapid responses in a situation. This program will utilize various drills and techniques including ladders and multi directional tools to help move feet quickly through complex volleyball-like patterns. Our Agility program will focus heavily on fast twitch training to develop firing patters for acceleration, overall elevating your play on the court.

Q: What type of strength training will be used and why?

A: Foundational strength is a necessity for any elite volleyball athlete. Our Strength program will lay down foundational strength through innovative workouts that go hand in hand with your competition patterns. Our workouts utilize olympic style lifting and training styles that are very similar to that of a collegiate volleyball player. Our primary focus is developing explosive power (speed+strength) using movements like deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatch etc. after immense technical barbell practice. Our young athlete strength program will focus on basic strengthening techniques and injury prevention through body weight workouts, med balls, and bands.

Q: What are the program’s goals?

A:  The program objective are no injuries during weight room training, no injuries during practice or competition, and measurable improvement in athletic performance through WAVE Agility and Strength.

Q: Is this training program available for boys and girls?

A: Yes, we welcome all athletes and we will be training all together. The sessions will not be separated by gender.

Q: How many kids will be in each session?

A: We will have a max of 10 kids per class in our Basic classes and a max of 15 in our Individualized or Combo classes.

Q: Do you offer nutrition services?

A: We are not licensed nutritionists. We do offer guidelines, see Player’s Handbook. If interested, referrals to a registered dietician can be recommended.

Q: Can I drop-in to try out the program?

A: We welcome all fully enrolled athletes in our classes. Drop-ins are not available at this time.


Q: Will there be weekend sessions?

A: All weekend sessions are offered at the discretion of WAVE’s Agility & Strength Director only.

Q: Will there be OPEN gym hours?

A: No, all gym time will be monitored and scheduled.

Q: Should I workout before or after practice?

A: Contact our Agility & Strength Director for your specific athlete.

Q: How will I get from Wave Strength and Agility sessions to practice with time in between to change?

A: We have created a calculated schedule that will allow five minutes before and after sessions to get to and from practice with time to change. This schedule was designed around all practice schedules to be accommodating for all who want to participate.

Q: Can I come more than twice a week?

A: To prevent over training and high quality programming, we do not allow workouts more than twice per week per athlete (makeups are allowed at the discretion of the Agility & Strength Director)

Q: What are your gym hours?

A: Our schedule is accessible via MindBody only.


Q: How do I pay?

A: All payments are complete through Groundwork, no exceptions (3-month minimum). Signup for class attendance will be done through the Mindbody system once we receive your Groundwork signup.

Q: Is my Membership refundable or do my sessions roll over?

A: We will offer refunds that align with our club injury policy. We do not refund memberships or offer roll over sessions. When you commit to your membership you must honor that commitment. If there are specific circumstances affecting membership attendance, we will review on a case by case basis.

Q: Are there discounts for having multiple players in the program?

A: There are no sibling discounts at this time.


Q: What is the membership commitment?

A: We offer 2 different memberships options by age group that are charged automatically. Once you commit to a membership you cannot cancel until your commitment is up (3-month minimum). To cancel, email

Q: I can’t commit to 3 months. Do you offer any separate Specific Month-Long Programs?

A: We may be offering different month long-programs that will be open to anyone with or without a membership. These programs will include jump training, conditioning, beach workouts etc. Payment for these special programs is due at the time of session, and must be paid online only.

Q: Do you offer Private Training?

A: We do offer private training for those who want very specific programming. Please email our Strength Director at for scheduling.

Q: Do you offer Adult Training?

A: No, not at this time.

Cancellation Policy & Details

Class Cancellation Policy:

Classes are subject to closing 30 minutes before scheduled time and an email will be sent out to anyone enrolled in the class. Classes will close if there are 3 or less athletes signed up to attend the class. Athletes must be signed up on Mindbody in order to attend the class, no exceptions. Please do not show up for a class unless you have registered on Mindbody.


Class Make-Up Policy:

Athletes will be allowed make up sessions if approved by WAVE Agility & Strength Director on case by case basis and must be made up within 7 days of being missed.


No-Show Policy:

If you are signed up for a class and do not show up or cancel your session before the class starts it will count towards your 2 session a week.


Further Questions? Email Ryan at or by phone at (858)922-3763

About our Director: Coach Ryan Lennard joins us straight from Beijing, China, where he was the Chinese Olympic Committee’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Men’s Freestyle Wrestling Team.  Prior, he served as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at La Jolla High School, and has worked with UCLA and UCSD Volleyball Strength and Conditioning. He holds certifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and USA Weightlifting as a Level-I Performance Coach.