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Sport Injury Prevention ISPE

Repetitive motion in sports leaves a lot of athletes unbalanced and prone to overuse injury. When repetitive traumas affect the tendons, bones, muscles, and joints, an overuse injury develops. WAVE Sport Injury Prevention helps reduce the overuse injury risk in athletes by balancing out the body and improving overall strength and mobility. In this program, all athletes will be be put through Functional Movement Screening to ensure proper and safe movement techniques. After screening, the athletes will be divided into specific programming appropriate to age and limitations. Our supervised programs are designed with a primary focus to strengthen and develop explosive power (speed+strength) for sport. This is accomplished by utilizing Olympic-style lifting, body weight training techniques with an immense technical barbell practice, banded exercises, and preventative strengthening and mobility exercises.


2-3 sessions a week. Approximately 7 hours every 2 weeks. 60 hours per semester.


$1050 per semester, payable in 5 monthly payments of $210 each OR in full at registration.

ISPE Registration

Step 1: Apply to your School ISPE Program

Each district has a different window for registration and process that must be taken by the student athlete.  Please contact your school district for specifics.  If you require help in finding this information,  contact Matt Olson as he can point you in the right direction.  There are multiple districts in San Diego that offer ISPE. Acceptance into your districts ISPE program is NOT guaranteed.

For example, SDUHSD District ISPE Registration Window for 2019/2020 opens April 15, 2019 and closes June 1, 2019.

Next – Sign up with WAVE below – We require automatic payment signup and a waiver. Contact for questions regarding payments and billing.

Step 2: Join the WAVE ISPE Program

Register to set up secure online payments by clicking the button below. Follow the prompts when registering with Groundwork to select your membership option (Fall or Spring Injury Prevention ISPE)

WAVE ISPE Groundwork Registration

Step 3: Submit the Participation Waiver

Complete the waiver below.  The email address and phone number provided will be how we communicate with you.

“Improving your Mobility and Recovery, Means Improving Control over your Game and Minimizing Risk for Injury”