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WAVE-Exclusive Trainer

Amber Walker


The Agility & Strength staff is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have been hand-selected and intensively trained in the WAVE Agility & Strength Methodology and the Director,  Amber Walker’s protocols.

Amber Walker is the Director and Head Strength Coach of WAVE Strength and Agility. Not only is she a highly sought after performance specialist, she actively competes as a professional beach volleyball player.

In college Amber competed in Volleyball, Track and Field and Olympic Lifting at Northern Illinois University. While competing as a two-sport NCAA D1 athlete Amber experienced no injuries. She credits her ability to compete and train in Volleyball, Track and Field and competitive Olympic Lifting to her strength coach, who developed programs strategically around her sports. Amber firmly believes in the correlation between strength training and performance as a volleyball player. She attributes most of her success as an athlete to strength training, conditioning, and determination to always get better.  Because of her experience with training she was inspired to work with athletes who wanted to get stronger, faster and less injury prone.

Amber Walker earned a BA in Journalism and holds certifications from USA Weightlifting, Crossfit Level 1, MobilityWOD, The Starrett System Mobility and Movement 101, The National Association of Sports Medicine, and The Athletics and Fitness Association of America. Other courses and credentials include: MobilityWOD, The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology and Function for the Coach/Athlete, Lumbar, Pelvis and Spine Complex, and the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization. Amber has completed the IMPACT program, and is holds an American Red Cross First Aid CPR/AED certification.   

Amber is passionate about her education in athletic performance. Amber believes that a great strength coach never stops learning, refining their skills, being curious, being in the gym and practicing.

“Always get work done, we may have to slow some things down but don’t lose sight of why you are in there in the first place: to become brutally strong, brutally fast, and brutally conditioned.”

Questions about our Agility & Strength program, or specific questions about your athlete? Contact Amber: or (503) 347-0108