WAVE Sand Tour Info & FAQ’s

Welcome to an exciting season of the WAVE Sand Tour.  We hope that your experience playing the WAVE Sand Tour will be an enjoyable one.

TOURNAMENT SITE:  WAVE Sand Tour sites will be at our WAVE Volleyball Sand Courts located at 15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014 (MAP)

DEADLINE TO ENTRY & REFUNDS: Deadline is 12:00 pm each Friday prior to the tournament weekend. No refunds after 12:00 pm on the day before the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS.


DAY: Check in is at 8:15 am for day tournaments. At 9:00 we will review tournament rules and demonstrate some of the basic beach volleyball skills need to compete in the tournament. At 9:15 we will assign pools and courts.  Competition begins at 9:30. Playoffs normally start at 1:00 and the tournament ends around 4:30. All tournament participants MUST have a signed waiver on file, no exceptions.

UNDER THE LIGHTS: Check in for under the light tournaments: Check in is at 2:15 for under the light tournaments. At 3:00 pm we will go over the tournament rules and demonstrate some of the basic beach volleyball skills need to compete in the tournament and place teams in their pools.  Competition begins at 3:30 pm. All tournament participants MUST have a signed waiver on file, no exceptions.

WHAT TO BRING TO THE TOURNAMENT:  Plenty of water, sun protection and lunch.  A  beach towel, chair and umbrella is a good idea.  Our facility has music, bathrooms and showers!

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: Format will be pool play followed by single elimination playoffs. Teams are expected to warm up prior to their games. On court warm ups will only be 2 minutes – NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams warming up longer than 3 minutes may result in the limiting of teams advancing to the playoff round.  All teams are expected to referee throughout the tournament. The tournament director will inform the athlete’s what score the pool play and playoffs games scores are played to, it will determine how many teams are in the pool.

AWARDS: 1st-3rd place medals will be awarded.  Additional merchandise MAY BE AWARDED.

COACHES. PARENTS AND FANS: Everyone is encouraged to cheer their teams throughout the tournament.  However, coaching is NOT ALLOWED during a game.  Coaching or any contact with the player is only allowed before and after the game, and during the team’s one minute time out. (only one time out per team).  Any violation of this rule may result in a loss of serve and one point deduction.  Any coach or parent are found arguing calls, or questioning the referee may result in a forfeiture of the game.  DON’T BE THE COACH OR PARENT WHO CAUSED YOUR PLAYER TO FORFEIT THEIR GAME.  If a coach or parent have a problem with a player or referee, please contact the tournament director directly.  POOR SPORTSMANSHIP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

We look forward to seeing you at the WAVE Sand Facility!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kevin Pratte, WAVE SAND VOLLEYBALL FACILITIES DIRECTOR, pratte@wavevb.com


We’re so proud of you! 🌊🌊

WAVE is pleased to announce our 2022-2023 Tryout Registration for our 10U-14U teams!

Check it off your list, mark your calendars, and register today!

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WAVE is bringing a men’s VLA team to San Diego!

Tryouts will be on Sunday, October 9th at Wave Volleyball from 2-5pm. You must pre-register! Registration link in bio!

Be sure to follow @sandiego.wave! Share with your friends and family!

We are ranked #7 as one of the top clubs in the country and #2 in California!


Thank you @tcvolleyball1 for recognizing our club! #wavevb

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WAVE Alumni @emilytulino (Seattle Pacific University) and @anna_aubele6 (Biola University) played each other today at the Cal State LA Invitational!

We love to see it! GO WAVE!

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Annual WAVE Staff Meeting! We are fired up for this upcoming ‘22-‘23 season! 🙌

Every year we are striving to learn from each other and be better for our athletes!

Let’s go WAVE! 🌊🌊

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Thank you to our WAVE family and superstar athletes who made this weekend worthwhile!

WAVE’s Inaugural Pro Beach Exhibition was a success! It was amazing to see @paullotman / Miles Partain coached by @michaelkplacek vs. @tcrabbs / @taylorleesander coached by @richyusa battle it out at @wavebeachvolleyball! 🌊🌊🏐

We are excited to release our schedule for 2022-2023 WAVE Boys Team Tryouts!

We can’t wait to see you there! Click the link in our bio to register online!

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