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Are you ready to test your skills and grow your beach game this summer? WAVE Beach’s experienced athletes and coaching staff are ready to help! Choose to drop-in for a session, join us for a week or two, or for the entire summer!

-Boys-specific weeks can be found in BLUE on THIS page.
-Attend as an individual or with a partner
-No need to indicate the day or week you are attending.  Show up and get ready to “Get Sandy!”
-The 4 session package is the equivalent to 1 week of the Summer Beach Program!

Summer Beach

WAVE Beach is the premier beach club in San Diego and a great place to take your game to the next level. We are your one-stop shop for training, recruiting, and tournament preparation. At WAVE Beach it is more than just learning this great sport as our experienced coaching staff is looking to teach and train the next generation of competitive athletes to be socially aware and productive community members. If you are ready to be part of something great, sign up today and get ready to hit the sand with us starting Monday, August 28th! Take your beach game to the next level this fall!

-Open to Girls in grades 7-12 & Boys in grades 7-8
-Dedicate your training to 2X or 3X/WK for 4 months or choose to “Drop-in” from time to time.
-Multiple practice options to choose from!
-Over 25 committed beach college athletes to date!

Fall Beach

A great introduction to volleyball and/or the beach game for 3rd-6th grade girls. During the course of each short term program, athletes will improve their technical skills regardless of their current level in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Whether you want to play for fun or get ready to compete at higher levels, this is a great start to learn the skills, get exercise, meet new friends, and play an awesome sport!  Space is limited, sign up today!

-Open to Girls in grades 3-6
-All Sand Stars clinics will be held at the WAVE’s beautiful Sand Facility!

Sand Stars