Health & Safety

What are WAVE’s Health & Safety Protocols?

WAVE is committed to the continued health and well-being of our athletes, families and coaches. New policies and protocols that meet or exceed CDC and the State of California health recommendations are in place. Upon registration, each family will receive an emailed receipt with a link to our health & safety measures with all current requirements and pertinent information.


How do I get on an Email list?

Email to be added to our email list.

Do you Offer Private Lessons?

Yes. Please click here and feel free to contact any of our great coaching staff to set up a private lesson with the coach directly.

Do all Teams attend a post-season tournament?

Yes, by committing to WAVE for the club season you are committing to a post-season tournament event at the end of June for most teams and age-levels (with exception of Girls 10 & 11U, select older girls’ teams, and Boys 13/12).

What age group should my child try out for?

USAV Age Group Definitions for 2021-2022 can be viewed HERE.

What kind of a time commitment is required for the club season?

For Girls 10s: During the competitive season (January through May) teams practice generally twice per week and play in tournaments 1-2 weekends per month (1 day tournaments). Our 10s play locally in San Diego or within a 45 minute drive. For Girls 11s and older: During the competitive season (December through June) teams practice generally 2-3 times per week and play in tournaments 2 weekends per month (1 day tournaments), as well as travel to National Qualifier tournaments (1-2 of these in the Spring, 3 days each). The end of the season for teams 12 and older ends in late June/early July with a final 4-5 day travel National tournament. Check out the SCVA schedule for Girls (

For Boys 18 and under, practice is two days per week. National Qualifier tournament(s) and Nationals attendance is team-specific. Check out the SCVA schedule for Boys (

What is the cost of the indoor club season?

WAVE’s cost is consistent and competitive with high-caliber elite volleyball clubs in the Southern California region. Cost varies by age group and team, with our younger teams costing less than our older teams. All cost information is readily available at tryouts. Club dues cover all tournaments, practices, uniforms, registration/membership fees, administrative costs, coaching expenses, and equipment costs. Families are separately responsible for any travel expenses and room and board.

How long is the indoor season?

Girls indoor season runs from November through May for teams 11 and under, and from November/December through the end of June for our teams 12 and older. Boys season for 14 and under runs from tryouts in September through June; boys season for 15s and older is from September through January, with a break in the spring from February-May, then resumes for May-June (to allow for the high school season in the Spring).

How many indoor teams do you take?

WAVE typically fields two to four teams per age group with approximately 12 players on each team. Many age groups will offer 4 or more teams per age group.

When are indoor tryouts?

For Girls: 14 and under team tryouts are generally in early October. For girls 15 and older, tryouts are taking place in mid-September. For Boys: tryouts for all ages take place in early September (only one tryout for the season for boys 14U); for high school age boys, there are two tryouts in a season, one in September (for September through January play), then again in May (for May through June play). Click here for tryout information and registration. All COVID-19 safety information will be emailed to registered families as tryouts approach. All cost information, coaching information, practice days/times, and schedules are released the weekend of each tryout.

How young can my daughter/son be to participate?

Our youngest age group offered for girls is our indoor K-2nd grade Ripple Program. Girls can also participate in our 3rd-6th grade Girls clinics on indoor or sand surfaces (Hardcourt Heroes and Sand Stars).  Our youngest age group offered for year-round competitive club competition is our Youth Development and 10 and under team program for Girls.  Beach club is open to girls in 6th-12th grade in Fall/Spring and open to girls in 3rd-12th grade in Summer.

For boys, the youngest age program we offer is our 2nd-8th grade Boys MiniSeason through the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The youngest competitive team is our 12 and under team for Boys up through 18 and under.  Beach club is open to boys in 5th-9th grade in the Summer.

Please click to view current Girls Programs or current Boys Programs.

What programs do you offer?

WAVE offers several year-round indoor and beach volleyball camp and clinic opportunities for Girls and Boys (open registration). We also offer a comprehensive Agility & Strength program. Our college-preparatory indoor club team program for Girls and Boys has seasonal tryouts every year and is highly competitive.


What is your Privacy Policy?

Please click here to access our Website’s Privacy Policy.

What if I have multiple children in the club?

Each username/password is linked to one family. Simply specify which player you are registering for through the checkout process.

How can I make a payment with my credit card?

Simply enter your credit card information at checkout for any camps/clinics purchased through our site. For ISPE and indoor club team dues, please enroll through GroundWork and connect with if you have questions.

How Do I update or remove unwanted items in my cart?

While in your cart, please click the red “X” button in the cart to delete items in your cart, or just adjust quantity of items in your cart if needed.

How do I reset my Password?

Click the Lost Password? link off the Login/Register tab on the right side of the screen.

How do I get a username/login?

Click on the Create Account button on the top left corner of the home page. Or, simply sign up for any of our great clinics, camps, or beach programs! First, just click on the item you are interested in, then click the “Sign up Now” button, and first time users will be prompted to fill out a brief form and create a username and password for future use (keep this information somewhere safe for future reference). In the future, you can just log in!

Dues & Payment

I have questions about my balance – who can I contact?

Please email for any questions regarding finance or balance information. You can also check your order history of online purchases when logged in to our website. If you are enrolled in one of our team or ISPE programs, all payments are completed through our partner (

Please note refunds for our programs are offered for injury or for schedule changes with ample advanced notice only, and are provided at the discretion of the club, less credit card processing fee.

Our EIN is 46-5422539. Please consult with your tax professional.

How can I make a payment with my credit card?

Simply enter your credit card information at checkout for any camps/clinics purchased through our site. For ISPE and indoor club team dues, please enroll through GroundWork and connect with if you have questions.


How Do I make Travel Arrangements for Our Upcoming Tournaments?

WAVE has dedicated staff to assist with team travel. For qualifiers and post-season events, contact for any travel-related questions. Parents/Families are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.  WAVE Travel will reserve a block of rooms at a tournament and families will receive a link to make their individual reservations at that hotel. Read on for answers to our most common travel-related questions.

Q: What time do I need to be at an out of state tournament, and what time can I leave?

A: Please plan to arrive on the day before play by 6pm and depart on the final day of play no earlier than 5pm

Q: Can I check all my luggage on the plane?

A: Players uniforms should be carried on the plane, not checked baggage. 

Q: Can I pick my own hotel for travel tournaments?

A: Do not book rooms on your own. Most all travel tournaments have housing company requirements and WAVE will send you a link to book your team rooms. There are a few exceptions to not booking with the assigned hotel, but permission is needed.

Q: What is a “Stay and Play” hotel?

A: For all travel tournaments (outside of San Diego/Orange County), WAVE players/families will reside at a “Stay and Play” hotel.  This means that part of WAVE’s participation agreement with the tournament requires teams/families to stay at the hotel assigned by the Housing Department for that tournament.  This also ensures teams are all together for meals and can travel all together to and from the playing venue. 

Q: If I have hotel points at one of the Stay and Play hotels reserved, can I use them to pay for my families’ room?

A: You will need to book/reserve your individual room with a credit card.  Upon check in, you can provide the hotel with your membership number and points to be used towards the final payment. 

Q: Can multiple players stay together in one room with a chaperone?

A: Each player should travel and stay with at least one parent/guardian in their own room.  If for some reason a parent/guardian can’t travel with their player to the travel tournament, please let your coach and WAVE travel know well in advance.  

Q: What if I need to add additional nights either at the front end or back end of the WAVE reserved check in and check out dates?

A: You will need to contact the housing department directly once the hotel information is released and request additional days be added to your reservation.  Do not contact the hotel directly as they will not have your reservation info until right before the tournament begins.

Q: What if my player will not be attending a tournament and will not need a room?

A: Please email as soon as possible with a reason why.  This affects your team’s roster and your coaches’ preparation and lineup plans.

Q: What if I need to book two rooms for my family?

A: Please email as soon as you know this will be needed.  We can add an additional room to our block of reservations in advance if we know of your need.  

Q: Can I reserve rooms for all of our relatives?

A: No, rooms are reserved for players only…if you would like an extra room please email a request We do our best to accommodate if rooms are available after players have booked.

Q: How are hotels selected?

A: Hotel selection is based on what Stay and Play hotels are closest to the playing venue and can accommodate all WAVE teams/families. 

Camps & Clinics

When are your clinics & camps? How do I get more information?

We offer camps and clinics during most of the year. Our year-round camp/clinic learning opportunities include our popular indoor & sand 3rd-6th grade Girls clinics (Hardcourt Heroes and Sand Stars), as well as our 3rd-8th grade Boys MiniSeason. We also offer a K-2nd grade co-ed Ripple Program! During the summer, WAVE offers a variety of skill-specific camps and clinics and generally releases information to the public on our website and through email in late spring. Please email to be added to our email contact list!


When are Tournament Dates?

Click here for the SCVA website Girls Schedule, and click here for the PVL website.

How many indoor teams do you take?

WAVE typically fields two to four teams per age group with approximately 12 players on each team. Many age groups will offer 4 or more teams per age group.


Who Do I contact About Boys Volleyball?

Boys Associate Director Jed Stotsenberg at

How Many Boys Teams Do you Take?

WAVE typically fields 2 teams per age group with approximately 12 players on each team.

When are Tournament Dates?

Click here for the SCVA website (Jr. Boys Schedule), and click here for the SoCal Cup website.


What Beach programs do you offer?

Beach club programs run all year long, along with camps & ISPE. No tryouts necessary! Our beach program is based at Del Mar North “Dog” Beach and at our beautiful South Facility courts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Our beach program is designed for anyone who wants to improve their beach game, whether playing concurrently indoors or not. For more info on the beach program contact Beach Director Matt Olson at or click on our beach menu to learn more!

Wave Volleyball Thanks all of our Partners!