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Beach Director, Matt Olson: or 760-473-8511 (text is preferred)
Recruiting Coordinator, Mike Placek:
Programs & Finance Director, Kristen Dean:

General Program

1. What programs does WAVE Beach offer?
WAVE Beach consistently offers a year round college-preparatory beach club, a school year ISPE program for middle and high school students that have been accepted into their district’s ISPE program, and a developmental Sand Stars program for 3rd-6th grade girls as in introduction to volleyball and/or the beach game, and various seasonal clinics .
Periodic programs such as the WAVE Sand Tour, Boys Miniseasons, Boys Clinics, College Coaches Clinics, and Adult Beach Volleyball Leagues hosted by VAVi are also available.

For more details check out the beach programs page.

2. What is the cost of the programs?
WAVE’s cost is competitive with high-caliber elite volleyball clubs in the Southern California region. Cost varies by age group, program and commitment level. All cost information is readily available on the registration pages for each program.  Costs cover the practices, administrative fees, coaching expenses, and equipment costs.  For any athlete participating in beach tournaments, families are responsible for any tournament/tour membership fees, tournament entry fee, related travel expenses, and room and board.  WAVE coaches will be present at specific tournaments, to coach active WAVE Beach athletes.

3. Where are practices located?
WAVE Beach has two practice locations.  North “Dog” Beach & the WAVE Sand Facility in Del Mar.  Address and driving directions can be found here.

4. How does Daylight Savings affect practice times?
Monday through Thursday practice times at North “Dog” Beach change to 3-5pm.

5. How does weather influence practices?
Beach practices are typically run in most weather conditions.  If changes to practices are going to be made,text messages are the main way that information will be communicated.  If you are not receiving the text messages and would like to, please do the following to join:
WAVE Beach Club group = text @wavebeach to 240-750-6412
WAVE ISPE group = text @waveispe to 240-750-6412

6. What should be worn/brought to practice?
We highly suggest that athletes wear comfortable athletic clothes, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and have water to drink.  There will be a supply of water, sunscreen and loaner sunglasses.  As the sand warms up or cools down with the seasons, we recommend socks.  Again, we will have a limited loaner supply on hand.  Sand socks are available for purchase.

7. Is WAVE beach gear required to be worn at practices and tournaments?
While it is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.  WAVE beach gear is available at the WAVE Sand Facility or contact Matt Olson via text.

8. Do I need to bring my “ticket” to practice?

The tickets provided when registering serve as a record of your purchase and DO NOT need to be brought with  you.  You do need to sign in upon your arrival at any practice though.

9. Do you offer individualized training/private lessons?
All WAVE Beach coaches offer lessons – view the coach’s bio to help you in your selection and contact them personally.  If you have further questions, you may contact Matt Olson by text or email.


10. Do I need a partner to attend Beach Club, ISPE, or Clinics?
It is not necessary to have a partner to attend.  We do a lot of partner pairing within the scope of the practices to help you find a successful match.  However it’s never a bad idea to bring a partner if you have one in mind to be able to work on your “team” skills.

If you would like additional help in finding partners to compete in tournaments with, Summer Nash is helping connect players in our club.  She can be reached via email at

11. I have purchased a WAVE Beach package and want to know how many remaining sessions I have left.
Please contact Matt Olson at 760-473-8511, preferably by text, and he will confirm the number of remaining sessions you have.

12. When registering, do I need to designate days/weeks the athlete will be attending?
No, it is not necessary to designate when you will attend for the beach club.  Additionally, sessions can be used at any practice time offered for that program.  Please refer to the Beach Schedule for possible times to attend.

13. My child has signed up for a 2 or 3 day package and missed a session during the week.  May they attend a “makeup” session?
Yes, you may make it up by attending an extra session within a reasonable time frame.  For example, if they missed one of their two days, they could attend three days the following week.  Please refer to the practice schedule for possible days and times they could attend for their “makeup” session.   All sessions purchased during a season expire at the end of that season.  Contact Matt Olson by text at 760-475-2906 for any extenuating circumstances.

14. I Have Questions About My Payment or Balance…who Can I Contact?
Please email the CFO, Kristen Dean ( for any questions regarding finance or balance information. You may also be able to check your order history of online purchases if you have a login account. Our EIN is 45-5579314. Please consult with your tax professional.  Please note refunds for our programs are offered for injury or for schedule changes with ample advanced notice only, and are provided at the discretion of the club.


15. I’ve been training and want to try out a tournament, where should I play?
WAVE Beach provides a comprehensive list of tournaments that are available for athletes to play in around Southern California.  There is also a recommended list for athletes that are playing at a higher competitive level.  Visit the Tournament page for more details.

I want to play a tournament, but don’t have a partner?
Practices offer an opportunity to play with a variety of players and perhaps find a partner.  Our coach Summer Nash is also available to help connect athletes within the club to partner up.  Please speak with her at a practice or by email at

16. How do I get tournament result posted on the WAVE Instagram?
If you have finished top 3 or better, send a text to Chloe Collins at (713) 256-2291.  Make sure to include the following along with the picture: athlete’s name (partner too), if the partner is not from WAVE Beach provide their club name, your finish (3rd, 2nd or 1st), and tournament location.


17. How many hours are needed to meet the ISPE requirement?
Most ISPE programs require 30 hours per quarter and 60 hours per semester.  Please double check with your district’s ISPE coordinator and/or school counselor to ensure requirements are met.

18. What are the ISPE practice times?
Wednesday & Friday from 1-3pm are the preferred times for ISPE athletes.  However, ISPE athletes may attend any Beach Club time offered.

19. How do athletes submit ISPE hours logs, student reflections, and coach’s evaluation?
Please contact your district’s ISPE coordinator or school counselor for specific procedures as all of this is submitted by the student to the their school.  ISPE participants will meet with WAVE Coaches prior to the submission date of each semester’s evaluation.  A personalized evaluation and copy will be provided for you to submit to your ISPE program.

College Recruiting

20. Does WAVE have college recruiting resources available to their athletes?
Yes, for high school athletes, we have a variety or resources to help you navigate the recruiting process.  Contact Mike Placek at or by phone at 805-708-6362 for further information.

21. Is there a list of colleges that currently offer beach programs?
Yes, check out the comprehensive list of 2 & 4 year schools with programs.

22. My daughter is interested in attending some college clinics, do you have any suggestions?
WAVE Beach host’s college coaches at our Sand Facility throughout the year.  These events are advertised on the WAVE website and Instagram @wavevolleyball.  A number of school specific college clinics can be found on our website.  Finally, if a school you are interested in isn’t shown on our college clinics page, you can always check their personal webpage for clinics they may be running.

‼️ 12-2pm at WAVE is ON for later today for all those who are registered for that program.‼️ 

See you on the sand!

‼️ 12-2pm at WAVE is ON for later today for all those who are registered for that program.‼️

See you on the sand!

ALL our regularly schedule sessions will be off for today due to the change of rain and lightning! 

Thank you! Stay dry! ☔️🌦️⛈️

ALL our regularly schedule sessions will be off for today due to the change of rain and lightning!

Thank you! Stay dry! ☔️🌦️⛈️

As advertised, we will not be having the following sessions tonight:

Sand Stars
Beach Club “Afternoons” at the Beach Beach Club “Nights”

Thanks, and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻



As advertised, we will not be having the following sessions tonight:

Sand Stars
Beach Club “Afternoons” at the Beach Beach Club “Nights”

Thanks, and Happy Halloween! 🎃👻