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WAVE Beach Recommended Tournaments

A WAVE Beach coach or coaches will be at each of the following events. You are always welcome to play in any event(s) you wish. However, if you wish to be seen and potentially coached by WAVE Beach coaches…come find us at one of the events listed below!

Represent our club to the best of your ability! WAVE Beach athletes, families and coaches are respectful, professional and passionate competitors. Let’s all do our part to respect our opponents, play hard for our partners, families and beach club. We are WAVE Beach!

*This is a live document, tournaments will be added as we find out about them and will be removed if we learn they’ve been cancelled. Due to the large number of events we’ve listed as “recommended” events we reserve the right not to attend if we learn there are only a couple teams signed up for any one event! 🙂

Fall & Winter 2017-2018 Tournaments

California Beach Tours

As the sport grows, there are a number of opportunities to play and a variety of tours running events in California.  Figuring out what ones to play in requires an understanding of what each offers and how it relates to your goals as an athelte.  The descriptions below are a starting point to help guide you on your way to navigating the growing sport of beach volleyball!


Events can be found from Coronado all the way up to Santa Cruz! The CBVA is the longest running tournament series in CA and a great platform to consider. The “Tour Stop” event winners are given an invite to participate in the Cal Cup Championships in August up in Manhattan. These Tour Stop events bring some of the top competitors from all over Southern California and beyond!They also offer Adult events for those looking for a real challenge or any parents looking to test out their sand legs!  Participation in adult events can earn you a CBVA Adult Rating

Representing” – CBVA allows participants to select a home beach, Beach Club and Indoor Club that they represent. Your tournament points earned then count for you individually and WAVE Beach as a organization. WAVE has been the top CBVA Beach Club for the last three years running! Please choose to represent WAVE Beach during the registration process for all your CBVA events.



The BVCA runs one event a year. It is a club versus club tournament where BOTH teammates must be from the same beach club. 14-18’s will then play in a 3-day event trying to decide a winner! The format is pool play on day one followed by a single elimination playoff which extends over 2 days. NOT EVERY participant will play three days. Only 7th place finisher and higher will return for the 3rd day of competition.

Registration codes are given out by WAVE Beach directly. Depending on the amount of interest received, there may be a qualifier within our club for available spots! *2018 Entry is currently unknown, it was $115 in 2017.


The official junior beach tour of USA Volleyball. It is a nation wide tour and the Hermosa and Manhattan events usually draw strong competition from across the country. Additionally, High Performance (HP) tryouts and training opportunities can be found HERE


Most of these events are in Orange County and LA. Top 3 finishers from any regular season event earn a “Bid” into their Junior Olympic competition. Competition level varies, but this is comparable to a CBVA youth event and are generally well run and fun. Similar to the “Cal Cup” that the CBVA puts on the AAU has a “Best of the Beach” competition for those competitors who have won a previous event.

AAU Junior National Championships – National Tournament held in July. Open enrollment! * No bid required to participate!

AAU Junior Olympics – National Tournament held in July. Arguably the strongest event of the summer! A Bid is required to participate in this event! A bid can be earned by placing 1st-3rd in a previous AAU event.


Some of the events are in Carlsbad others are located in Huntington Beach and Santa Monica. ES is a year round tour and is a good starting spot for all levels. Their “open” events are strong with both youth and adult participants. Fun, local events are are a great platform to improve your tourney play and test your skills. *New! Endless Summer has partnered with the AVP and the Endless Summer Tour will be hosting 5 AVPNext events. They are listed on our “Comprehensive Tournaments” list as ES/AVPNext…

GET NOTICED *College Showcase Events!

College showcase events that are best suited for serious vb players who are looking to be recruited and play beach volleyball in college. Most recent GN events have had 20+ college coaches present! 2017 cost = $125/person for entry!

*Current list of College programs can be seen HERE


New for 2017! These tournaments are the equivalent of a mini-BVCA. WAVE Beach will be participating in 4-5 of the events this year and we are looking forward to participating to see what these events are all about!


An affiliate of the CBVA. VolleyOC runs well organized events year round in south Huntington. They have Thursday tournaments in addition to weekend events during the summer months. The VolleyOC has winter tours as well as College Showcase events.

AVP, AVPFirst & AVPNext

The AVP is the most known Professional Beach Volleyball Tour in the United States. Outside of offering up a great professional tour they offer youth options with their AVPFirst programing along with semi-professional events under their AVPNext options.

AVPFirst Tournament Schedule – HERE


WAVE coaches will always be present at Ocean Beach, Coronado and Carlsbad events. Outside of that we will be at the national events later this summer such as the BVCA, AAU Junior Nationals,, AAU Junior Olympics and the CBVA Cal Cup Championships. *Players who are actively participating in our Beach Club will receive the most coaching at these events.

Coaching by a coach or parent can only take place: prior to the start of the set or match, during a player called time-out and after the set is complete. THAT IS IT! Please help us follow these rules while being rad parents who are supportive of the system, applaud good plays and show respect to all. We are a top notch program and you will need to act accordingly in order to participate and associate with WAVE Beach Volleyball.


USAV Beach 2017/2018 Definitions are good for all Southern California Beach Tours.

USAV High Performance (HP) & International 2017/2018 Age Definitions


You can play with anyone you want! We do not pair up athletes at WAVE Beach. We do however offer suggestions and help find partners for those who are looking. We ask that your son or daughter make contact with our staff and that they become the driving force in their partner selection.


Did you have a great day in the sand with your partner? Finish in the top 3? If so, text me over a pic and a short description of the day including: location, division, partner’s name and Beach Club affiliation (if not WAVE) and anything else and we will get it online at our earliest convenience! Send it all directly to Matt Olson, 760-473-8511