WAVE has dedicated staff to assist with team travel. For qualifiers and post-season events, contact admin@wavevb.com or alyssa@wavevb.com for any travel-related questions. Read on for answers to our most common travel-related questions.

Q: What time do I need to be at an out of state tournament, and what time can I leave?

A: Arrive to all out of state tournaments no later than 8pm the day before, and depart all tournaments 6pm or later on the last day.

Q: Can I check all my luggage on the plane?

A: Players uniforms should be carried on the plane, not checked baggage.

Q: Can I pick my own hotel for travel tournaments?

A: Do not book rooms on your own. Most all travel tournaments have housing company requirements and WAVE will send you a link to book your team rooms. There are a few exceptions to not booking with the assigned hotel, but permission is needed.

Q: Do I need to reply to a travel email if I’m not going?

A: Yes, if you are not attending any tournament or booking a room – please email admin@wavevb.com back immediately with a reason why. This affects your team’s roster and your coaches’ preparation and lineup plans.

Q: Can I reserve rooms for all of our relatives?

A: No, rooms are reserved for players only…if you would like an extra room please email a request to admin@wavevb.com. We do our best to accommodate if rooms are available after players have booked.