WAVE has dedicated staff to assist with team travel. For qualifiers and post-season events, contact travel@wavevb.com for any travel-related questions. Parents/Families are responsible for making their own flight arrangements.  WAVE Travel will reserve a block of rooms at a tournament and families will receive a link to make their individual reservations at that hotel. Read on for answers to our most common travel-related questions.

Q: What time do I need to be at an out of state tournament, and what time can I leave?

A: Please plan to arrive on the day before play by 6pm and depart on the final day of play no earlier than 5pm

Q: Can I check all my luggage on the plane?

A: Players uniforms should be carried on the plane, not checked baggage. 

Q: Can I pick my own hotel for travel tournaments?

A: Do not book rooms on your own. Most all travel tournaments have housing company requirements and WAVE will send you a link to book your team rooms. There are a few exceptions to not booking with the assigned hotel, but permission is needed.

Q: What is a “Stay and Play” hotel?

A: For all travel tournaments (outside of San Diego/Orange County), WAVE players/families will reside at a “Stay and Play” hotel.  This means that part of WAVE’s participation agreement with the tournament requires teams/families to stay at the hotel assigned by the Housing Department for that tournament.  This also ensures teams are all together for meals and can travel all together to and from the playing venue. 

Q: If I have hotel points at one of the Stay and Play hotels reserved, can I use them to pay for my families’ room?

A: You will need to book/reserve your individual room with a credit card.  Upon check in, you can provide the hotel with your membership number and points to be used towards the final payment. 

Q: Can multiple players stay together in one room with a chaperone?

A: Each player should travel and stay with at least one parent/guardian in their own room.  If for some reason a parent/guardian can’t travel with their player to the travel tournament, please let your coach and WAVE travel know well in advance.  

Q: What if I need to add additional nights either at the front end or back end of the WAVE reserved check in and check out dates?

A: You will need to contact the housing department directly once the hotel information is released and request additional days be added to your reservation.  Do not contact the hotel directly as they will not have your reservation info until right before the tournament begins.

Q: What if my player will not be attending a tournament and will not need a room?

A: Please email travel@wavevb.com as soon as possible with a reason why.  This affects your team’s roster and your coaches’ preparation and lineup plans.

Q: What if I need to book two rooms for my family?

A: Please email travel@wavevb.com as soon as you know this will be needed.  We can add an additional room to our block of reservations in advance if we know of your need.  

Q: Can I reserve rooms for all of our relatives?

A: No, rooms are reserved for players only…if you would like an extra room please email a request totravel@wavevb.com. We do our best to accommodate if rooms are available after players have booked.

Q: How are hotels selected?

A: Hotel selection is based on what Stay and Play hotels are closest to the playing venue and can accommodate all WAVE teams/families.