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  • At WAVE, we believe that team bonding is essential and that it the strengthens of every player. Team building activities have been shown to improve communication, boost morale, increase motivation and promote better teamwork! Wave’s goal is to provide the finest volleyball experience to every athlete that is involved in our program – as a player, person and student-athlete – thus we cultivate a strong work ethic and culture to enable players to fulfill their full potential on and off the court.

Check out these fun team bonding moments!
  • January 2017

    15Brennan take on the Escape Room together!
  • February 2017

    14Morgan & 12Morgan exchanged Valentines! Spreading the sister team love.
  • January 2017

    12Juliana and 15Brennan mini golfing together today for sister team bonding!
  • February 2017

    16Brent and 13Tammy had some fun on the WAVE sand courts together for sister team bonding!
  • February 2017

    13Janna scrimmaged their parents and won! We love the competitive and fun spirit between our athletes and parents!
  • September 2016

    Boys team bonding
  • October 2015

    Zombies have no chance with 15-Jed on the hunt! Don’t worry, just some good old-fashioned paint ball fun with the Coach Jed & Coach Chris!
  • August 2015

    WAVE Boys watching the Men’s National team take on Brazil at University of San Diego.