Check out these fun team bonding moments!
  • January 2017

    15Brennan take on the Escape Room together!
  • February 2017

    14Morgan & 12Morgan exchanged Valentines! Spreading the sister team love.
  • January 2017

    12Juliana and 15Brennan mini golfing together today for sister team bonding!
  • February 2017

    16Brent and 13Tammy had some fun on the WAVE sand courts together for sister team bonding!
  • February 2017

    13Janna scrimmaged their parents and won! We love the competitive and fun spirit between our athletes and parents!
  • September 2016

    Boys team bonding
  • October 2015

    Zombies have no chance with 15-Jed on the hunt! Don’t worry, just some good old-fashioned paint ball fun with the Coach Jed & Coach Chris!
  • August 2015

    WAVE Boys watching the Men’s National team take on Brazil at University of San Diego.