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Ryan Lennard

Ryan Lennard is a Strength & Conditioning Coach with over a decade of experience coaching a wide range of athletes, from youth novices to elite Olympic gold medalist winners. He has a background in training youth athletes from 8-18, and has worked with both UCLA and UCSD Volleyball (Mens, Womens, and Beach) teams. Most recently, he was the head Strength & Conditioning coach for the Chinese Olympic Committee in Beijing (Wrestling).

In addition to his experience, he possesses a solid foundation of knowledge in exercise physiology coupled with a strong passion for developing the youth athlete into more than just a better player.  He seeks to instill a strong work ethic while reinforcing core values that supersede athletics. He believes in mentoring and building strong relationships with his athletes to help positively shape their lives to set them up for success both on and off the court.

His training philosophy is simple yet effective – the body must be viewed as a whole functioning organism that adapts to stressors placed on it. The young athlete must be progressed in a specific way.  Close attention to detail is vital in the success of a program. Individual attention and specific programming is administered based on movement screens and anatomy.

WAVE is proud to have Ryan join our team!  

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